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Pride in Every Board

Hartzell Hardwoods, family-owned since its founding in 1875, has long been at the forefront of producing premium quality lumber from sustainably managed hardwood forests. For our company, being sustainable is more than just a phrase, it's a way of life.

Contrary to common perception, the health of the forest is improved by harvesting mature trees, which have finished their work of storing carbon. Their harvest opens the forest canopy, allowing rain and sunlight to reach the saplings on the forest floor, which will become new trees and begin their job of sequestering carbon for the next generation.

At Hartzell Hardwoods, we are committed to caring for the resource that fuels our business. Sustainable forestry management has allowed us to secure constant supply through many generations. To this day, we only partner with mills that make sustainability a core part of their business.

Our motto "Pride In Every Board" reflects a quality commitment to our employees, community, hardwood industry, and the environment. Hartzell proudly partners with The Real American Hardwood Coalition, The Timber & Forestry Foundation, Miami County Parks, and One Tree Planted. As a 6-generation family business, we understand our responsibility to future generations and the health of the planet. Join us in our efforts to leave our planet healthier than we inherited it.

Range of the Cheoah Bald Salamander in North Carolina

Cheoah Bald Salamander

Plethodon cheoah


Some of our high-quality hardwood lumber comes from the Appalachian Mountains, where Appalachian Hardwoods are abundant and replenished.

As stated by the Natural Heritage Program: Natural and Cultural Resources, as of 2020, the Cheoah Bald Salamander has been ranked SR (significantly rare) in the state of North Carolina and S1 (critically imperiled) as a State ranking. The salamander's rarity of fewer than 1,000 individuals increases vulnerability to extirpation or local extinction.

This amphibian inhabits a small region in the southwestern corner of North Carolina, part of the Appalachian Mountain Ranges. As we purchase our lumber from our suppliers, it is imperative that our suppliers properly navigate and manage the forests in areas where the Cheoah Bald Salamander lives to ensure the amphibian's safety to allow reproduction for the continued longevity of its kind.

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the Cheoah Bald salamander only occurs at high elevations on a single mountain in North Carolina and is often found under cover objects in high elevation forests.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a nonprofit organization dedicated to global reforestation. In coordination with environmental experts and locally affected communities, One Tree Planted and its partners lead projects that positively impact nature, people, and wildlife globally.

How we help

• Active project donations

• Tree planting initiatives

Real American Hardwood Coalition

The Real American Hardwood Coalition raises awareness on the benefits of American hardwoods. Driven by its industry, RAHC members unite with the common goal of driving sales and consumer awareness.

How we help

• We're financially and actively supporting RAHC.

Forest Stewardship Council

FSC is an international non-profit organization dedicated to high forestry management standards. Apart from their intensive research and promotion of responsible sourcing of forest products, they also perform business assessments and reward certifications. Their certifications help identify businesses that have sustainably sourced their forest products.

How we help

• Hartzell Hardwoods is FSC Certified

Miami County Parks

Miami County Parks is a local Parks District that dedicates itself to promoting environmental preservation, education, and connection. From creating curriculum to hosting events, their impact touches everyone in their community.

How we help

• Walnut Grove Interpretive Signage

• Tree planting initiatives

Timber & Forestry Foundation

Founded by Criswell Davis, Dane Coleman, and Zack Ruef, The Timber & Forestry Foundation engages in powerful promotional and educational efforts. Their mission is to drive awareness regarding the beauty and sustainability of U.S. hardwoods.

How we help

• Hartzell Hardwood's sustainability video

We only have one planet Earth, and it's our responsibility to give back in larger quantities than we are receiving, for our and future generations to come...By taking that initial step, we can set that example for others and be the motivation for them to follow.

Han Lee - Cultivating a Legacy of Giving Back