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While it is impressive for any one company to survive since 1875, it is even more remarkable to see a company thrive for so long under the ownership and management of one family. Hartzell has been able to achieve this milestone through progress and ground breaking innovations within its two companies: Hartzell Air Movement and Hartzell Hardwoods. The integrity and dedication of these companies have led Hartzell to manufacture top of the line lumber and air movement products.

Hartzell Hardwoods
Hartzell Hardwoods

Hartzell Hardwoods has been an innovator and leader in the hardwood industry since 1875, from the company’s pioneering role in the steaming of walnut to its current position as a leading producer of top quality thick lumber. The company was exclusively in the walnut business until the early 1960’s; today it also produces white oak, red oak, ash, and cherry. Hartzell Hardwoods produces 10 million board feet of lumber annually, operates 29 kilns, and also houses a high-tech stacker/grader station. Long recognized as a worldwide leader in walnut and top quality thick lumber, Hartzell Hardwood’s philosophy continues to be characterized by innovation, quality, and integrity.

Since 1927 when Hartzell first engineered the propeller fan, the Hartzell name has been the name for quality air moving equipment. The company was the first to build heavy-duty industrial fans using an airfoil propeller blade. Through the years, Hartzell has developed and produced products that have led the company to having the broadest lines in the air moving industry. Currently Hartzell Air Movement operates a fabrication and weld facility, a foundry and machine shop, a fiberglass fabrication facility, and a finishing and assembly plant. They also feature Hartzell’s Rapid Ship Program which is designed to give prompt delivery of stock quality air moving equipment. Today, Hartzell Air Movement continues with the traditions of the past – changing with its markets to always be a leader in the marketplace for high quality, industrial air movement systems.

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